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Emergency Plumbers - St. George & Cedar City Utah

A plumbing emergency can throw a wrench in anyone’s plans. Our emergency plumbers at Roto-Rooter Utah handle the most common plumbing emergencies with professional skills. We can tackle almost any plumbing problem, from a burst pipe to a leaky water heater, so choose our team for expert plumbing services that put you first.


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Emergency Plumbing

Our plumbers are ready to go 24/7 for emergencies – including nights, weekends and holidays.

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Plumbing and Drains

As the largest plumbing and drain service company, we make thousands of repairs every day.

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Water Damage

Our teams are equipped with state-of-the-art water extraction and cleanup equipment.

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Water Heaters

Trust Roto-Rooter for repair and replacement of gas, electric and tankless water heaters.

Prompt Residential and Commercial Emergency Plumbing Services

Residential and commercial properties can develop hidden plumbing issues. When problems within the plumbing system go unnoticed, they often transform from small plumbing repairs to full-blown plumbing emergencies.

At Roto-Rooter Utah, we navigate the issue with courteous, timely emergency plumbing repair service. Once you call, an emergency plumber comes to inspect and identify the problem’s source. Then, they’ll suggest solutions based on your resources and the emergency level.

What Counts as a Plumbing Emergency?

Not all plumbing emergencies cause dramatic, disastrous results. Sometimes, a small but unstoppable leak develops in a hidden pipe. Other times, embarrassing smells may accompany your plumbing emergency.

Some common emergencies that could occur in your residential or commercial plumbing systems include:

Burst Pipes

When temperatures dip below freezing, they cause water to freeze within your pipes, leading to frozen pipes that eventually burst. This situation often leads to destructive indoor flooding and requires a 24-hour plumber to turn off the water and mend or replace the damaged pipe.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet could expose your property to raw sewage. Although this situation seems embarrassing and dirty, emergency plumbers offer much-needed assistance.

They’ll stop the water flow, turn off the toilet, and examine the components. They can also clean the affected area using personal protective equipment to keep it sanitary.

Clogged Drains

A blocked drainage system prevents water from escaping into the sewage system. This wastewater eventually backs up into your home, exposing the building materials and structures to gray water. Although the average blockage won’t cause a plumbing emergency, you should call our plumbing company when drained water fills your sink and spills onto your floor.

Blocked Sewer Line

Sewer water harbors hidden dangers like bacteria, viruses, and other infectious pathogens. Properties exposed to sewer contents need emergency services to mitigate the escaping water and facilitate safe cleanup.

If you notice swampy areas in your lawn or suspect black water has crept into your home, don’t touch it! Call our 24-hour plumbing emergency services.

Broken Water Heaters

A faulty hot water heater is often a concern, especially if the heater requires fuel to heat water. If you smell rotten eggs wafting from your water heater, turn the appliance off, evacuate your home, and call our emergency plumbing service. Fuel can combust, causing property damage and injuries.

Problems like this benefit from expert services from 24/7 plumbers.

Call an Emergency Plumber at Roto-Rooter Utah for Speedy Emergency Plumbing Service

The search for “emergency plumbers in my area” or “emergency plumbers near me now” ends with Roto-Rooter Utah. Our emergency plumbers provide St. George & Cedar City UT, with speedy, courteous assistance when residents need an emergency plumber. Call us for plumbing service when you need it most.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Facing a plumbing emergency is urgent—it demands quick action to prevent damage, protect health, and avoid stress. Water leaking from the ceiling can quickly lead to a collapse, while burst pipes threaten to flood your home, causing extensive damage. These emergencies require an immediate response to prevent water damage, avoid contamination, and ensure plumbing systems remain functional. Prompt intervention by an emergency plumber is crucial in these situations.

How Much Does an Emergency Plumber Cost?

The cost of hiring an emergency plumber can vary widely depending on several factors, including the nature of the plumbing issue, the time of day (or night), the plumber’s experience, and the geographic location. If you spot an issue with your plumbing, it’s best to get it looked at sooner, rather than waiting until you need an emergency plumber.

What Causes Water Damage?

As a water damage restoration company, our water damage plumber team can quickly pinpoint the damage source. The most common culprits usually include:

  • Natural disasters like floods or heavy rainstorms
  • Broken pipes
  • Roof leaks
  • A leak in the ceiling from overflowing drains on the upper floors
  • Water heater leaks
  • These issues can cause damage requiring minor repairs.

However, sometimes structural damage occurs, resulting in the need for a full water mitigation and water damage restoration service.

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