Professional Water Softener System Installation & Services

Does your drinking water have an odd smell or taste? Are there stains or crusty buildup along your faucets and pipes? An excess of minerals leads to hard water, which can have unpleasant effects throughout your home.

The experts at Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup specialize in water softeners and can install, repair, and replace them. Let our team eliminate hard water from your home’s plumbing systems so you can enjoy a safer, cleaner water supply.

Benefits of Water Softeners

The average water supply features an array of healthy minerals. However, too much of them cause hard water, which can dry out your hair and skin. In addition, your water quality will decrease, which can cause issues with appliances, make your water taste bad, and more.

To get soft water, call our team to install a tank that meets your needs. Hard water will enter your home’s pipes and fill the tank. A combination of resin beads and a salt-water brine will remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from your supply and then send soft water through your pipes.

Some of the biggest advantages of installing a water softener include:

  • Less damage to your piping system
  • Healthier hair and skin
  • Cleaner glass dishes and shower doors
  • Better-tasting water

Our Services

If you live in St. George, UT, don’t waste time on the Internet searching for “water softener service near me.” Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup proudly offers the following services across Southwestern Utah. Whether you need a new water softener or need us to fix a problem with your existing system, we have the solution.

Water Softener Installation

Do you think you can benefit from a water softener? Our plumbers will equip your home with the ideal unit. Before installing water softeners, we evaluate your needs based on the size of your home and your total water usage. We’ll set up the system quickly and make sure everything runs smoothly before we leave.

Water Softener Repair Services

Sometimes, water softeners malfunction and stop improving your home’s water hardness level. Our technicians are happy to step in and perform water softener repairs. Common reasons you might need water softener repair service include:

  • Motor malfunctions
  • Salt buildup blocking the water
  • Ineffective resin

You may experience issues with your water softener that are beyond repair. In this case, we can replace the unit and set you up with a newer model. You can count on our crew to deliver superior repair services and get your water softener working like new.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you need a softener system to eliminate hard water or face other plumbing problems, we’re the team you can trust. At Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup, we promise exceptional service that includes:

  • Fast responses
  • Courteous technicians
  • Affordable rates and financing options

Choose Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup — Trusted Water Softener Services in Utah

Say goodbye to hard water spots around your home. Our team can make your water soft by installing a high-quality system that won’t break the bank. Contact us today at Roto-Rooter St. George – (435) 673-2511 or Cedar City(435) 710-7287 to schedule your consultation.


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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup is backed by one of the nation’s largest leading sewer drain, and water cleanup companies.  Every employee goes through a thorough vetting process, so we can ensure you’ll experience nothing less than trusted, high-quality work. Feel confident choosing us because…

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